Welcome to my creative playground, I’m so glad that you have stopped by. After many years of singing for my supper and teaching the finer points of technique to many wonderful vocal students, I’m here to share a little colour, some melodious offerings and soul stirrings online. 

Creativity has always been my oxygen, a way of navigating through life. I’ve always followed my heart and passion, I’m a truth seeker, sometimes a little emotional, essentially an introvert but I do love to connect with & encourage others. I believe everyone can sing and should do it regularly because it’s good for the soul! I believe everyone is creative and the world would be a happier place if people could connect with that deeper part of themselves and express it!

Even though I’ve been singing and painting all my life, I feel that this is the beginning of a new season as I delve deeper and begin to find new forms of expression and connection.

In a lot of ways, I’ve carved my own path after the early realisation that traditional paths of tertiary education (at that time) were limiting & ‘not for me’~ so I sought out the best teachers and mentors in the singing and art world, learnt everything I could from them and have sung and painted my way through 40+ years. I married my childhood sweetheart (25 years ago) and we have two incredible teenage children.

My vision and hope is that this website may become a humble sanctuary and place of inspiration in a world that is desperate for joy and light.

xo Sancha

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