PORTFOLIO OF a selection of past WORKs

Some of these paintings below are available for purchase. If you’re invested in a particular work, please send me a message.


video of Watercolour poppies 

"Secret Garden Mural" by Sancha           Photo - Lyn Taylor

"Secret Garden Mural" by Sancha           Photo - Lyn Taylor

Sancha's distinctive style while impressionistic also exudes design- like qualities. Her floral paintings portray the glorious forms and colours found in the natural world.

Not limited to just this one subject matter, she is equally enamoured with painting landscapes, still life and portraits.

Sancha paints in a variety of mediums including watercolour, acrylic and oil on canvas as well as mixed media. Art has always been an integral part of her life. Though mostly self taught, she has attended classes and workshops with some of Australia finest artists including :

Oils -Joe Penn, & Ros Psakis

Portraits - Lesley O’Shea

Watercolours - Shirley Church, Marion Stroud, and Pamela Fairburn

Pastels – Paul McCarthy, Pamela Irving


Sancha’s paintings have won awards in the
Hunters Hills Art Prize
Royal Art Society of NSW Art School Exhibition   
City of Ryde Art Society Art Award Exhibition


Past exhibitions:

City of Ryde Art Society Art Award

Balmain Watch House Gallery

Blacktown City Art Prize

Hopestreet Mission Art Exhibition

Hunters Hill Art Exhibition

Lane Cove Art Award Exhibition

Mitchell School of Arts Exhibition-Bathurst

Royal Art Society NSW Art School Exhibition

Sydney Royal Arts and Crafts Show

Woodford Art Group Annual Exhibition Lane Cove